Open Call for the 11th International Photography Festival


Stéphan Gladieu


PHOTO IS:RAEL wishes to strengthen freedom of speech regardless of race, gender, or faith, and invites artists to submit proposals for the 11th International Photography Festival on any theme they wish.

The 11th PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photography Festival, which will be held in November 2023, offers a unique platform for sharing and revealing, shouting and whispering whatever is on your mind. In the face of the voices that demand to exclude populations, opinions, and ideas, we wish to facilitate dialogue, strengthen free speech, and give a voice to everyone regardless of race, gender, or faith.
Unlike PHOTO IS:RAEL’s previous festivals, the upcoming festival is not devoted to one specific theme, but rather strives to allow a discussion about everything that feels urgent, important, exciting right now, and above all – that you believe should be presented to the public. We wish to offer a platform to the projects, images, and secrets that have been waiting for a chance to come to light, to be heard and seen. An opportunity to create reality as you envision it. This is the time to really think about what fascinates you, and unleash your best lens-based projects.

Open, free, uncensored, undefined, unrestricted, unthemed

A committee of experts spanning multiple artistic genres will review the proposals and select 20 artists to exhibit their work. The proposals are submitted to the committee anonymously to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity regardless of their location, age or level of education.
The ten chosen projects will be showcased prominently in the 11th PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photography Festival. In addition, 10 more projects will be displayed in the group exhibition “Unthemed”.
We invite artists from all over the world and at different stages in their careers to send proposals for existing or new works in the fields of photography, video, performance art, and multidisciplinary art.

Update! Deadline for submissions: April 27, 2023

*Registration fee: 15 USD
*6-12 images may be included, depending on the nature of the proposed works and if they are video or installation pieces, please include a link to view the work in the section titled “project description”.




Submission deadline


Selected artists notified


Since its launch in 2009, the International Photography Festival has become an art institution that draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. The two-week festival is the biggest photography event in Israel which features works by hundreds of prominent international and Israeli photographers, and offers a glimpse into unique Israeli photography archives, social projects, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, gallery talks and more.

2022 – Action, Enav Cultural Center and City Garden, Tel Aviv
2021 – Meeting Point, The Daniel Rowing Centre, Tel Aviv.
2020 – Transformation, Kikar HaMedina, Tel Aviv
2019 – Fantasy, Azrieli Sarona, Tel Aviv
2018 – Relations, Golf complex, Tel aviv
2017 – Identity, Midtown Tel-Aviv
2016 – Safe Space, Jaffa Port
2014 – Photographic Memory, Carmel Winery, Rishon Le zion
2012 – Sustainability, Jaffa Port
2009 – Point of View, Hatachana Tel-Aviv

The 2022 International Photography Festival


Gili Sitton

Editor-in-chief of ARToday magazine

Dafna Ichilov

Head of the Photography Department, Musrara School for Art and Societyת Jerusalem, Artist Curator and Senior Lecturer

Jan Tichy

Associate Professor, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Natan Dvir

Artist, Photojournalist, Educator, and Photo Expeditions Leader. Sony Imaging Ambassador in Israel

Tomer Cohen

Enav Cultural Center Manager

Svetlana Reingold

Art Curator, former curator of Haifa Museum of Art and Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

Maya Anner

Photography Curator and Researcher

Eyal Landsman

Co-Founder & Director | PHOTO IS:RAEL

Ya'ara Raz Haklai

Content Manager Chief Curator | PHOTO IS:RAEL


Ismail Ferdous
Michal Chelbin
Mandy Barker
Jesús Madriñán
Jonas Bendiksen
Rafal Milach
Alec Soth
John Paul Evans
Marc Ohrem Leclef
Sigalit Landau
Roger Ballen
Angelica Dass
Antonin Kratochvil
Boaz Aharonovich
Daniel Tchetchik
Juno Calypso
Mathieu Pernot
Myoung Ho Lee
Nadav Kander
Paolo Pellegrin
Ragu Rai
Sian Davey
Weronica Gesicka
Yair Barak
Ismail Ferdous / USA, 2022 Festival